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RadioBook Rwanda is a new multimedia literary imprint, showcasing Rwandan and East African creative voices.









There are three innovatively-designed ‘radiobooks’ in this first wave, each featuring the work of one writer and one artist. The accompanying podcasts act as the expanded universe of the book. They feature dramatised narrations of the text, as well as interviews with the writers, artists and and individuals exploring similar themes to those found in the stories.


The imprint is the brainchild of three publishers: Huza Press (Rwanda), Kwani Trust (Kenya) and No Bindings (UK). It draws on inspiration and editorial expertise from Kwani Trust’s Kwanini? series, while opening up new audiences for Rwandan writers published by Huza Press through No Bindings' innovative approaches to form and community publishing.


RadioBook Rwanda is a new Art new Audiences project supported by the British Council’s East Africa Arts programme.

screen Radio Rwanda 08 Jo Hounsome Photo
screen Radio Rwanda 09 Jo Hounsome Photo
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